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How to Travel with Only a Carry On Bag

Remedy the financial and time cost of checking baggage by traveling only with the approved carry on bag!  I recently went on a trip from San Jose, California to East Hampton, New York for five days.  I was able to

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Shutterfly Review

  Disclaimer: I did receive a code for 20 free prints and free shipping from Shutterfly so that I could review their product at no cost to myself.  This in no way influenced the content of this post. Displaying photos

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The Ramen Floor

During my time living in Kyoto, one of the best discoveries I made was the entire floor of ramen restaurants  in the Kyoto train station.  From the time I found the shops to the time I left to return to

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Five Things To Do Before Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is a decision that most don’t make lightly.  Leaving your life as you know it and creating something entirely new in an unfamiliar place is scary and exciting.  Whether you’re leaving without a planned return date or moving

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Two Food Adventures in San Francisco

Recently I had two great food adventures in San Francisco.  The main thing these two places had in common is that I sought them out purposely after reading rave reviews about each.  I highly recommend both, as they offer opposite

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How to Stay Connected to Home While Away

Home sickness is one of the most common perils of being away for extended periods of time, but by following these simple tips you can keep that connection strong. Keeping in touch while traveling can be very difficult while far

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3 Simple Steps to Master Minimalist Packing

As cliched as it sounds, the saying “Less is more,” really fits into the practice of minimalist packing.  Being able to utilize your tools of travel in the best possible way will reduce how much you bring with you and

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A Reflection on Cross Cultural Dating

Language barrier wasn’t an issue, we both stumbled through each other’s native tongues, you obviously more fluent than I.  My incessant stream of questions didn’t seem to bother you, or if it did you were too polite to show it. 

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Choosing Where to Travel: Five Questions to Ask Yourself

Choosing Where to Travel

If you have limited time to travel like I do, you want to make your trip fit your idea of perfect as much as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to pick a great location, however

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What am I running from?

  Matt Kepnes’ (aka Nomadic Matt) recent post on Medium got me thinking about whether or not I’m running from something when I travel and if that’s why I crave it so strongly. The truth is, I’m scared. Scared of

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