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Five Favorite Travel Apps

There are a multitude of travel services, sites, and apps out there.  In this post, I focus on apps which can be utilized best while you’re on the move.  Here are the five I find the most useful when traveling:

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How to Travel with Friends

Traveling with friends can be extremely fun! It can also be stressful, which causes tension. There’s no way to totally eliminate those stressful moments, but I do have a few tips to help lessen them. By following this guide, you

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What To Do When Your Trip Plans Change

Go with the flow!  Sometimes plans change unexpectedly.  Your tour gets cancelled, or the place you wanted to eat at is closed, or the weather isn’t right for a hike.  When this happens, you have two choices: have your day

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Five Ways to Share Your Trip More Productively

After you come back from traveling, everyone wants to hear about it and see the photos! Here are five ways you can share that information more efficiently, saving you time while staying connected. Decide the number of photos you’ll share

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