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Day Trip Packing List

Day excursions, while short-lived, can be a refreshing break from everyday life so make sure you have everything you need on your day trip packing list.  Just the mental, and sometimes physical, distance from routine can make a day trip

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Is Travel During the Off Season Worth It?

We are in the prime time for summer vacations, but travel during the off season has its own benefits.  Lower costs of accommodations and attractions, lower travel expenses, and fewer tourists are all reasons why you might favor travel in

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Five Things To Do Before Studying Abroad

Studying abroad was a life changing experience for me.  My perspective on the world shifted, slowly over those months.  I returned to the U.S.A. with a different understanding of who I was and how I, and my home country, were

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The Weekender: From the Bay Area to L.A. and Back

Have a friend you keep meaning to visit but never get around to it?  I do and I finally visited mine on a weekend trip from the Bay Area to Los Angeles.  Thirty-six hours doesn’t seem like a lot of

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San Francisco Giants Game

Recently, I went to a San Francisco Giants game and it was a blast! The weather was beautiful, warm and sunny but not too hot. Although I was in some seriously nosebleed seats, I was able to be shaded by

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