Day Trip Packing List

Day excursions, while short-lived, can be a refreshing break from everyday life so make sure you have everything you need on your day trip packing list.  Just the mental, and sometimes physical, distance from routine can make a day trip feel like a week.  While what you pack will vary depending on the activities you’re planning on doing, there are some items which will always come in handy!

Day Trip Packing List

  • Water: Staying hydrated is very important! The dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms that come with being dehydrated can ruin your day’s fun quickly.
  • Snacks: Low blood sugar never makes anything more fun, so throw some snacks in your bag to keep energy up!
  • Sun protection: Even if you’re not hiking or going to the beach, the sun can still get to you. Ending the day with a sunburn is never pleasant.
  • Layers: Bringing along an extra sweater or jacket is especially key if you plan to go somewhere through the evening or night time.  Trying to enjoy an evening stroll is a lot harder to do when you’re shivering.
  • Extra phone power: I often use my phone for directions when traveling, even on a day trip.  While helpful, this also sucks the battery power up, which is why I always carry an extra charger.  That way I never get lost and don’t have to worry about my phone dying in case of emergency!
  • Cash: Some place just don’t accept cards, and when you’re in a pinch it is better to have some cash on hand so you can go on with your trip!

Now, depending on where you’re going you might want other things like ultra comfortable shoes or an umbrella.  No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, the above items will always be useful to have on hand!


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