Five Favorite Travel Apps

There are a multitude of travel services, sites, and apps out there.  In this post, I focus on apps which can be utilized best while you’re on the move.  Here are the five I find the most useful when traveling:

  1. Google Maps: Whether traveling domestically or internationally, this is a must for navigating anywhere quickly.  Great for planning use of public transportation and time schedule.  Also great for when you’re lost! 
  2. Zipcar:  Extremely useful for skipping the line at a routine car rental agency and especially great if you only need the reservation for a few hours.  The membership includes gas, insurance, car maintenance, and parking at the home location.  They also have fantastic customer support.  Easy to make a reservation right from the app.
  3. XE Currency: The clean and intuitive UI in this app makes converting prices a breeze.  You don’t have to waste time calculating how much you’re really spending, you’ll find out quickly!  Plus, this app has a wide range of currencies you can convert to, making it useful in almost any country.
  4. Buffer: Updating your social media with this app is so simple! Once you set your publishing schedule on the Buffer website, you can queue up your posts so that you don’t have to think about them while relaxing on your vacation.  If you want to share things while you’re still on the trip, schedule everything from the previous day each morning.  Then get on with your adventures!         
  5. EasilyDo: This app can do so much!  It is like a virtual assistant, taking care of all the little tasks in your life with the push of a button.  From organizing your flight information, to notifying you of important posts on Facebook so you don’t have to keep checking, this app helps keep you updated with little effort from you.  A feature I’ve found particularly useful is the package tracking and notification of delivery.  This is great for when you’re away so you know exactly when to ask a friend to pick up a valuable package so it doesn’t languish outside your front door.

Now you might be thinking, “Hey those last two aren’t travel apps!”  Ah, but they are.  In addition to aiding in productivity in your everyday adventures (aka life), they can also bring peace of mind and organization to trips.  Plus, all five of these (as of writing) are free! So you give ’em a try on your next trip and see if they fit your travel style.  What is your favorite travel app?


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