Five Ways to Share Your Trip More Productively

After you come back from traveling, everyone wants to hear about it and see the photos! Here are five ways you can share that information more efficiently, saving you time while staying connected.

  1. Decide the number of photos you’ll share on social media.  This allows you to post your favorite photos without having to spend an hour uploading them! I usually choose between five and ten of my favorites to share.
  2. Include the location and reason for visiting in the description. This cuts down on the comments of asking where the photo was taken or what you were doing there (and in theory you having to answer over and over again).
  3. Use an app or service that schedules your posts.  If you want to update your friends about your trip activities use an app, like Buffer, that schedules sharing for you.  That way, you can line up your updates and get on with enjoying your trip.
  4. If you really enjoy a restaurant or other place, add its name to the photo info.  That way, you can always easily reference it later if someone asks for your recommendation on places to eat or visit.
  5. Put all your photos in one place online, then share that link across your social media accounts. Sharing just one link saves you a ton of time and energy.

So what do you do to share your trip experience with your friends and family?


Hi, I'm Heather! By age 17, I had visited all seven continents and fully developed an obsession with traveling. I feel most alive when I'm learning about other countries and cultures, meeting locals, and discovering beautiful places. My goal of this site is to help you get the most out of your adventures!

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  1. bbom says:

    got interested after reading this. thank you. such a good post.