How to Stay Connected to Home While Away


Home sickness is one of the most common perils of being away for extended periods of time, but by following these simple tips you can keep that connection strong.

Keeping in touch while traveling can be very difficult while far away from friends and family, but it is essential in battling homesickness.  Setting up regular times to catch up with those most important to you can help maintain a strong relationship with them, whether it be a weekly email or Skype call.

Bring photos to hang in your new living space.  Even if you don’t have much room in your bag, you can still fit a few photos sans frames to put up as reminders of home.  This really made the giant, white walls of my room in Rome feel more like my space and not someplace I was living temporarily for a few months.

Sustaining connections over distance is challenging and does take effort, but keeping those people in your life for when you return, whether for visits or for a more permanent stay, will ultimately be worthwhile.  After all, creating experiences for yourself is gratifying, but recounting those memories to those you care about can be just as exhilarating.


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