Japanese Bread

It is so thick and light and delicious!  I already knew how great it was for toast from my previous trip in high school and I have yet to find an American equivalent.  Last night for dinner I had a “pizza toast,” which consisted of a slice of toast layered with tomato paste, slices of tomato, ham, cheese, and green bell peppers.  Japan has very strange takes on Western food.  For example, if you order a hamburger in a Japanese restaurant, you will get just the patty (there was a dish on last night’s menu that was hamburger curry) and not the whole bun, lettuce, etc. like you do in America.  Just some facts for ya.

Also, eating in restaurants here is very different.  For one, there is a smoking and non-smoking section (which is kind of useless since the smoke just drifts everywhere).  Also, at the place I went last night, people just walked in and sat themselves, there is no host.  Lastly, when you wish to be served when you are ready to order, you call the waiter over to you by saying “Sumimasen” (which can mean “Excuse me.”).


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