Less Than 12 Hours Until I Leave For Japan

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving for Japan and I am a little nervous.  I’ve never traveled so far all on my own without family, friends, or classmates to keep me company.  I hope that I haven’t forgotten anything important and that my flight will go well.  Although, to be honest I am a bit more concerned about the trip from the airport in Osaka on the train to Kyoto.  I will have to get off, claim my baggage, exchange money, find the right train, buy a ticket, get off at the right stop and find my hostel.  I can’t check in at the arranged accommodations until Saturday morning and I’ll be arriving on Friday afternoon so…one night all alone.  Scary.

I wasn’t the best student in my Japanese class the last two years, and although there isn’t a language requirement for this program, I am crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to communicate with native Japanese.  We shall see.

I’m nervous and excited.  The adventure begins.


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