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Guest Post: Toby Osbourn

Hi there, my name is Toby and I am a developer from Belfast. Recently I decided to ask Heather if she would be so kind to give me space on her site. Recently I flew to Japan for my honeymoon

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The Ramen Floor

During my time living in Kyoto, one of the best discoveries I made was the entire floor of ramen restaurants  in the Kyoto train station.  From the time I found the shops to the time I left to return to

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Japanese Bread

It is so thick and light and delicious!  I already knew how great it was for toast from my previous trip in high school and I have yet to find an American equivalent.  Last night for dinner I had a

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Going Out into the Open

I’m finally in Kyoto after a long 11 hour flight, 1.5 hour train ride (so expensive!), and a 15 minute walk where I almost ran into a couple people I was looking around so much.  Now I have two choices

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Less Than 12 Hours Until I Leave For Japan

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving for Japan and I am a little nervous.  I’ve never traveled so far all on my own without family, friends, or classmates to keep me company.  I hope that I haven’t forgotten anything important

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