Is Travel During the Off Season Worth It?

We are in the prime time for summer vacations, but travel during the off season has its own benefits.  Lower costs of accommodations and attractions, lower travel expenses, and fewer tourists are all reasons why you might favor travel in the off season.  Every location’s off season can vary depending on a variety of factors such as weather during certain times of the year and ease of access.

For tropical places their busy season is usually in the (Northern Hemisphere) winter, especially holiday breaks.  One year my family and I went to Hawai’i in January, just after their busiest time.  It was a fantastic experience because the camp wasn’t crowded and the warm weather was still a relaxing change from a rainy winter.

Usually winter or fall are the off season for places located in the Northern Hemisphere.  For example, when I lived in Rome, as soon as the rain started in October the crowds of tourists lessened.  Although, I do caution that many popular destinations (like Rome) are overrun with retired travelers on group trips during the off season.

So, how can you take advantage of off season travel?  Easy, just figure out when the off season is for your chosen destination and plan to go there then! Now, there will be some obstacles.  For one, you may have a much smaller selection of places to stay, eat at, or visit because some owners choose to close their hotels, restaurants, and attractions during the slow season.  You may also have to deal with adverse weather conditions such as typhoons, extremely cold or hot temperatures, or humidity.  Whether the cost savings is worth dealing with these conditions, only you can decide!


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