How to Travel Alone Successfully

I firmly believe you should never be deterred from traveling just because no one you know can go with you.  So here are my tips for traveling alone, or How I Ended Up in Lisbon.

When I lived in Rome, I had two week long breaks from school.  During the first break I went to the Almafi Coast with a few friends and planned to visit Madrid and Lisbon with a friend during the second break.  However, her family surprised her with a visit, which would take place in that second break.  I was happy for her because I knew she’d missed them a lot.  Now, a few of my other friends expressed interest in seeing Madrid so I had companions for that portion of the trip.  No one wanted to continue to Lisbon, and I really wanted to!  But that left me with two choices: go with my other friends to the place they wanted to go or make my way alone to Lisbon.

Classic black and white tile of Lisbon streets.

Classic black and white tile of Lisbon streets.

I decided to go to the place I really wanted to experience, Lisbon.  I should note that I researched the city beforehand and felt it would be safe to be there alone.  Safety is especially important when traveling on your own.  I only stayed for a few days in Lisbon, but it was refreshing to spend some time on 100% what I wanted to do. I think one of the best parts about traveling alone is that you can do exactly what you want and not have to compromise to fit other people’s needs.

My hostel offered a discounted tour of some of the nearby sights and I went along on that.  I made some new friends and had a fantastic time! Those few days in a beautiful city was the right choice for me.

Even though the thought of traveling alone scared me, I did it.  Have you ever traveled anywhere alone?


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